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CFET & CJHJ Station History

CFET 106.7FM Radio Tagish, YT, began broadcasting 24/7 September 1, 1997

CJHJ 99.9 FM Haines Junction, YT, began broadcasting on June 28, 2014

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TrooperRaise a Little Hell2:33 Apr 21
Tom Cochrane Symphony Sessionscant turn back2:22 Apr 21
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Celestials2:18 Apr 21
EelsI Am Building A Shrine2:15 Apr 21
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersFault Lines2:10 Apr 21
BeckSweet Sunshine2:06 Apr 21
Van MorrisonOne Two Brown Eyes2:03 Apr 21
The Jeff Healey BandShapes Of Things1:59 Apr 21
Van HalenSinner's Swing!1:55 Apr 21
AnneCFET station ID1:55 Apr 21
Les Paul & Mary FordI'm Confessin' 19521:52 Apr 21
The Mamas & The PapasGlad To Be Unhappy1:50 Apr 21
The ShadowsAll My Sorrows1:47 Apr 21
The TurtlesShe's My Girl1:45 Apr 21
The ShadowsShadoogie1:42 Apr 21
Dick Dale And His Del-TonesKansas City1:40 Apr 21
Buddy HollyBlue Days, Black Nights1:38 Apr 21
The Four TopsAsk The Lonely1:35 Apr 21
Frank IfieldI love you because1:33 Apr 21
Shocking BlueThis America1:30 Apr 21
Ron TologanakCFET Station ID in Inuinaktun1:29 Apr 21
The DoorsYou Make Me Real1:27 Apr 21
TriumphRocky Mountain Way1:22 Apr 21
The Rolling StonesLove In Vain1:16 Apr 21
The ShinsNothing at All1:12 Apr 21
Beth HartEverybody Is Sober1:08 Apr 21
Blue RodeoTil I Am Myself Again1:04 Apr 21
The PoliceSecret Journey1:00 Apr 21
StyxFooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)0:55 Apr 21
FacesStone0:49 Apr 21
The SheepdogsAlright OK0:45 Apr 21
Brian AugerBreak It Up0:42 Apr 21
samcfet station ID0:42 Apr 21
The ShadowsMarch To Drina0:39 Apr 21
The TemptationsPsychedelic Shack0:35 Apr 21
The CoastersSorry But I'm Gonna Have To Pass0:33 Apr 21
Chuck BerryYou Never Can Tell0:30 Apr 21
The CoastersSmokey Joe's Cafe0:27 Apr 21
Diana Ross & The SupremesLove Child0:24 Apr 21
The FalconsAtomic Guitar0:21 Apr 21
Nancy SinatraBang Bang0:18 Apr 21
Johnny BraggGoin Over Fool Hill0:15 Apr 21
FortunesYou've Got Your Troubles0:11 Apr 21
ChuckCFET Station ID0:11 Apr 21
April WineLovin' You0:08 Apr 21
SloanMarcus Said0:03 Apr 21
Bob SegerAre You23:59 Apr 20
Gary MooreStop Messin Around23:55 Apr 20
QueenIn The Lap Of The Gods (Live At The Rainbow, London - November 1974)23:52 Apr 20
Roxy MusicSouth Downs23:47 Apr 20
SladeWild Winds Are Blowing (Single)23:44 Apr 20
Steely Danparkers ban23:41 Apr 20
Frank ZappaPiano-Drum Duet23:39 Apr 20
TasteRailway And Gun23:36 Apr 20
Eric Burdon & Brian Auger BandRising Sun Gitar Intro23:33 Apr 20
RGHCFET Station ID23:33 Apr 20
George HarrisonDing Dong, Ding Dong23:30 Apr 20
Fleetwood MacI'm So Afraid23:25 Apr 20
Stevie WonderDon't You Feel It23:23 Apr 20
Solomon BurkeSince I Met You Baby23:19 Apr 20
The BeatlesCry Baby Cry23:16 Apr 20
J.J. CaleLies23:13 Apr 20
The BeatlesI'll Cry Instead23:11 Apr 20
Big BopperChantilly Lace23:09 Apr 20
AnneCFET station ID23:08 Apr 20
Andy HallCJHJ & CFET Station ID23:08 Apr 20
The New PornographersThe Body Says No23:04 Apr 20
Arab StrapPica Luna23:01 Apr 20
Mother MotherOriginal Spin22:58 Apr 20
Pepe ShortCFET station ID22:58 Apr 20
Broken Social SceneAlmost Crimes22:53 Apr 20
Django Django, Self EsteemSurface to Air (feat. Self Esteem)22:50 Apr 20
GrandaddyLava Kiss22:47 Apr 20
Pepe ShortCFET station ID22:46 Apr 20
Vampire WeekendYa Hey22:41 Apr 20
Dr. DogThe Truth22:37 Apr 20
Foster the PeopleTabloid Super Junkie22:31 Apr 20
Arctic MonkeysSecret Door22:27 Apr 20
Pepe longCFET station ID22:27 Apr 20
Franz FerdinandBrief Encounters22:24 Apr 20
Dr. DogLove22:20 Apr 20
Arcade FireVampire / Forest Fire22:12 Apr 20
Brock ZemanEnd Of The World22:08 Apr 20
Iris FlibotteCJHJ AND CFET Station ID22:08 Apr 20
Dan ManganRobots22:04 Apr 20
The Wooden StarsFarewell To The Yellow Jacket Avenger22:01 Apr 20
Broken Social SceneTremoloa Debut22:00 Apr 20
Chad VanGaalenSystematic Heart22:00 Apr 20
Iris FlibotteCJHJ AND CFET Station ID22:00 Apr 20
The Bee GeesI ve Gotta Get A Message To You21:59 Apr 20
Ron TologanakCFET Station ID in Inuinaktun21:59 Apr 20
New OrderTruth21:55 Apr 20
The Ludvico TreatmentTreating the Patient by Physic21:47 Apr 20
Heaven 17Temptation21:44 Apr 20
Pepe longCFET station ID21:43 Apr 20
The Black Heart ProcessionIt's a Crime I Never Told You About the Diamonds in your Eyes21:40 Apr 20
Cat PowerMetal Heart21:36 Apr 20
The PoliceSpirits in the Material World21:33 Apr 20
Atari UnchiLive Soundscape recording21:32 Apr 20
Charlotte GainsbourgThe Operation21:28 Apr 20
FugaziEpic Problem21:24 Apr 20
AnneCFET station ID21:24 Apr 20
Jarvis CockerRunning the World21:19 Apr 20
AustraSpellwork21:14 Apr 20
DustOften Shadows Felt21:08 Apr 20
Sinoa CavesNaro Way21:06 Apr 20
Joy DivisionDead Souls21:01 Apr 20
CassiopeiaIntro for I Dream in Neon Feb 13 201821:00 Apr 20
SuhkiCFET station ID21:00 Apr 20
JourneyYou're On Your Own20:56 Apr 20
AnneCFET station ID20:56 Apr 20
Roxy MusicThe Thrill Of It All20:50 Apr 20
Robin TrowerInto Flames20:44 Apr 20
Grand Funk RailroadT.n.u.c.20:35 Apr 20
Ron TologanakCFET Station ID in Inuinaktun20:35 Apr 20
Alice CooperI Love The Dead20:30 Apr 20
David GilmourNear The End20:24 Apr 20
Rosemary BuckCFET and CJHJ_Station ID20:24 Apr 20
AerosmithMother Popcorn Draw The Line20:12 Apr 20
Nils LofgrenMoon Tears live20:02 Apr 20
Clem ClamReady to Rock and Roll ( ELO intro remix)20:01 Apr 20
Clem ClamLittle Radio Opening20:01 Apr 20
Clem ClamOpening Noise Tag20:01 Apr 20
SYSTEMska party promo CJUC version 220:00 Apr 20
Pepe longCFET station ID20:00 Apr 20
Star Trek Sound EffectsCommunicator Beeps20:00 Apr 20
The Mamas & The PapasMidnight Voyage19:59 Apr 20
The ShirellesBoys19:57 Apr 20
Elvis Presley (Yukon)Time is Running Backwards19:54 Apr 20
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysEverybody Loves a Clown19:51 Apr 20
The CoastersOne Kiss19:49 Apr 20
Les Paul & Mary FordWalkin And Whistlin Blues19:46 Apr 20
Johnny CashDark As A Dungeon19:43 Apr 20
Sam CookeThat's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On19:40 Apr 20
JAM LiveJAM Live! CFET Station ID19:40 Apr 20
The Bee GeesLove Me19:36 Apr 20
The BeatlesWait19:34 Apr 20
Marvin GayeSave The Children19:29 Apr 20
Diana Ross & The SupremesSomeday We'll Be Together19:26 Apr 20
Aretha FranklinI Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You19:23 Apr 20
Manfred MannAngels At My Gate19:18 Apr 20
The Beatles (The Quarrymen)thats when your heartaches begin19:17 Apr 20
AmericaWoman Tonight19:15 Apr 20
PlattersTwilight Time19:12 Apr 20
The ZombiesShe's Not There19:10 Apr 20
Sam CookeCupid19:07 Apr 20
Booker T and The MGsPlum Nellie19:05 Apr 20
Jolene BillwillerCFET and CJHJ Station ID19:04 Apr 20
George HarrisonBeautiful Girl (Acoustic Version)19:01 Apr 20
Solomon BurkeDon t give up on Me18:57 Apr 20
The MonkeesListen To The Band (single version)18:54 Apr 20
Eric Burdon and The AnimalsHouse of the Rising Sun18:49 Apr 20
The KingsAnti Hero Man18:46 Apr 20
The HolliesStay18:44 Apr 20
Booker T and The MG sSoul Dressing18:41 Apr 20
The Beach BoysGod Only Knows18:38 Apr 20
El DoradosAt My Front Door Crazy Little Mama18:35 Apr 20
Buddy HollyRock Around with Ollie Vee18:33 Apr 20
The Small FacesDonkey Rides A Penny A Glass18:30 Apr 20
Ed LishmanCFET Station_ID_with _Fokker18:30 Apr 20
Monty PythonBookshop18:26 Apr 20
Buddy HollyMailman, Bring Me No More Blues18:24 Apr 20
The CoastersDown Home Girl18:21 Apr 20
Buddy HollyDearest18:19 Apr 20
Vintage CommercialSquibb Dental Cream18:18 Apr 20
Andy HallCJHJ & CFET Station ID18:18 Apr 20
Cheech and ChongLard Ass18:16 Apr 20
COTYOutlaw Dog18:02 Apr 20
Vintage CommercialWWII Support18:01 Apr 20
Erotic Sound EffectsHe who hesitates is last18:01 Apr 20
Televisions Greatest Hitsmission impossible18:00 Apr 20
R P SinghComputerisms Sponsor Mention 218:00 Apr 20
RGHCFET Station ID18:00 Apr 20
Jane Birkin & Serge GainsbourgManon17:59 Apr 20
Brent LiddleCFET CJHJ Station ID17:59 Apr 20
Clem ClamShow Extro ( world control)17:59 Apr 20
The MonksSkylab (Theme From The Monks)17:54 Apr 20
Velvet UndergroundSatellite Of Love17:51 Apr 20
EestiCFET station ID17:51 Apr 20
Flash And The PanHey, St. Peter17:47 Apr 20
The Three OClockJet Fighter17:43 Apr 20
David BowieLooking For Satellites17:38 Apr 20
Movie BitsOr Where It Came From (The Blob)17:37 Apr 20
samcfet station ID17:37 Apr 20
OpalRocket Machine17:33 Apr 20
NAZARETHWaiting For The Man17:28 Apr 20
The Doobie BrothersIt Keeps You Runnin'17:24 Apr 20
David GilmourCry From The Street17:18 Apr 20
AngieCFET & CJHJ Station ID17:18 Apr 20
The MonksDrugs In My Pocket17:15 Apr 20
Joe WalshSpace Age White Kids17:11 Apr 20
The PretendersSpace Invader17:08 Apr 20
AngieCFET & CJHJ Station ID17:08 Apr 20
Dylan Hears A WhoGreen Eggs And Ham17:04 Apr 20
Dr. DogDistant Light17:00 Apr 20
NAB Promos60s Take a portable radio17:00 Apr 20
SYSTEMCJUC STATION ID Sohai Japanese17:00 Apr 20
MarieCJHJ Station ID16:59 Apr 20
JAM Live!JAM Live!_Episode # 52 _Silver Screen Scoundrels16:00 Apr 20
Brent LiddleCJHJ Station ID16:00 Apr 20
The MelodiansRivers Of Babylon15:59 Apr 20
Jimmy CliffMany rivers to cross15:56 Apr 20
Burning SpearFarther East Of Jack15:51 Apr 20
Bob MarleyRedder Than Red15:48 Apr 20
The Black SeedsSend A Message15:42 Apr 20
The Specialsdawning of a new era15:39 Apr 20
Rip And LanIn The Ghetto15:37 Apr 20
Bob Marley & The WailersComing In From The Cold15:32 Apr 20
Iris FlibotteCJHJ AND CFET Station ID15:32 Apr 20
Peter ToshDub-pressor man (dub version)15:26 Apr 20
The Orb featuring Lee Scratch PerryDon't Rush I (Instrumental)15:22 Apr 20
Bob Marley & The WailersAmbush In The Night15:18 Apr 20
Chuck & Dobby With Audrey Adams & His DudroppersDo Du Wap15:16 Apr 20
Jimmy Sinclair & The Trenton Spence OrchestraVerona15:14 Apr 20
Dandy LivingstoneSuzanne Beware Of The Devil15:12 Apr 20
Bunny ClarkeMove Out Of My Way15:09 Apr 20
Ben Bowers&Bertie King's Royal JamaicansNaughty Little Flea15:06 Apr 20
Bedouin SoundclashThe Quick And The Dead15:04 Apr 20
Easy Star All-StarsLovely Rita15:00 Apr 20
Ron TologanakCFET Station ID in Inuinaktun15:00 Apr 20
SloanSeems So Heavy14:58 Apr 20
Bob SegerSimplicity14:54 Apr 20
Thin Lizzy Gary MooreParisienne Walkways14:51 Apr 20
Queens Of The Stone AgeAnother Love Song14:47 Apr 20
Roxy Musicmidnight hour14:44 Apr 20
SladeSo Far So Good14:41 Apr 20
Steely DanReeling In The Years14:37 Apr 20
Frank ZappaZanti Serenade14:34 Apr 20
TasteHail14:31 Apr 20
Eric Burdon and the AnimalsHelp Me Girl14:29 Apr 20
Ron TologanakCFET Station ID in Inuinaktun14:28 Apr 20
J.J. CaleCocaine14:26 Apr 20
genesisa trick of the tail14:21 Apr 20
J.J. CaleNew Orleans14:18 Apr 20
Stevie WonderI Call It Pretty Music, But The Old People Call It The Blues Part I14:16 Apr 20
GenesisA Winter S Tale (Single A Side)14:12 Apr 20
genesiscuckoo cocoon14:10 Apr 20
Stevie WonderYester-me, Yester-you, Yesterday14:07 Apr 20
J.J. CaleLong Way Home14:04 Apr 20
AnneCFET station ID14:04 Apr 20
FialtaArt Talk14:00 Apr 20
Charles AznavourLes Comédiens13:57 Apr 20
Magna CartaIsle of Skye13:55 Apr 20
J.K. and Co.Christine13:53 Apr 20
Al StewartIf It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It13:48 Apr 20
Los Lonely BoysTell Me Why13:45 Apr 20
Jolene BillwillerCFET and CJHJ Station ID13:44 Apr 20
Paul SimonHearts And Bones13:39 Apr 20
Barbra StreisandGuilty13:35 Apr 20
J.K. and Co.Land of Sensations & Delights13:33 Apr 20
Neil YoungCome My 18th Birthday13:29 Apr 20
Dawn Tyler Watson and Paul DeslauriersN A13:28 Apr 20
The NationalDon't Swallow the Cap13:23 Apr 20
The ShinsThe Rifle's Spiral13:20 Apr 20
Cranberriesjust my imagination13:16 Apr 20
WilcoBox Full of Letters13:13 Apr 20
MeaganCFET station ID13:13 Apr 20
Fiona AppleO' Sailor13:07 Apr 20
oasisstop crying your heart out13:02 Apr 20
Jesse MalinBrooklyn12:57 Apr 20
FugsSaran Wrap12:54 Apr 20
Kenny RankinLove Is All That Matters12:49 Apr 20
James TaylorDown In The Hole12:44 Apr 20
Feist and Kevin Drewsafety bricks12:40 Apr 20
Beach HouseLovelier Girl12:37 Apr 20
Neil YoungField of Opportunity12:34 Apr 20
ChuckCFET Station ID12:33 Apr 20
Agnes ObelAventine12:29 Apr 20
Kygo, Selena GomezIt Ain't Me12:26 Apr 20
TétéÀ la faveur de l'automne12:22 Apr 20
Kenny RankinIn The Name Of Love12:18 Apr 20
Jimmy Hunt et ChocolatPiano Élégant12:15 Apr 20
Ian ThomasLiars12:11 Apr 20
RheostaticsTake Me In Your Hand12:08 Apr 20
Martha WainwrightJimi12:03 Apr 20
Mark KnopflerAll That Matters12:00 Apr 20
EestiCFET station ID12:00 Apr 20
Alex GiffordMorecambe Bay11:59 Apr 20
The WhoAnytime You Want Me (Stereo)11:56 Apr 20
The Tragically HipThe Luxury11:52 Apr 20
Savoy BrownCasting My Spell11:48 Apr 20
Tin MachinePrisoner Of Love11:43 Apr 20
RUSHLock And Key11:38 Apr 20
Andy HallCJHJ & CFET Station ID11:38 Apr 20
The CultEarth Mofo11:33 Apr 20
Creedence Clearwater RevivalUp Around the Bend11:30 Apr 20
Emerson, Lake & PalmerNutrocker11:26 Apr 20
DoorsRiders on the Storm11:22 Apr 20
Electric Light OrchestraLast Train To London (LIVE)11:18 Apr 20
Electric Light Orchestramelting in the sun11:15 Apr 20
The MonkeesDandruff?11:14 Apr 20
ThemBring em On In [USA Mix - Version 2]11:11 Apr 20
YuKonstructOpen House Tuesday Nights - CFET & The Grizz11:10 Apr 20
Pepe longCFET station ID11:10 Apr 20
Blue Öyster Cult(Don't Fear) The Reaper11:04 Apr 20
April WineDrop Your Guns11:00 Apr 20
The Tragically HipSave The Planet10:57 Apr 20
RUSHMission10:51 Apr 20
The WhoToo Much of Anything10:47 Apr 20
Tellement longtempsTellement longtemps10:43 Apr 20
The Who5.15 (Single Version)10:38 Apr 20
The WhoI'm Free10:36 Apr 20
MeaganCFET station ID10:36 Apr 20
R.E.M.Binky The Doormat10:31 Apr 20
The BeatlesLucy In The Sky With Diamonds10:27 Apr 20
The Beatles (Demo)Julia (demo)10:24 Apr 20
The BeatlesPolythene Pam10:22 Apr 20
Todd RundgrenBe Nice To Me10:19 Apr 20
Led ZeppelinRock And Roll10:15 Apr 20
John LennonI'm Crazy (Early version of WATCHING THE WHEELS. Piano demo. ´50 Million dollar home´, Watching the dollar flow´)10:12 Apr 20
Led ZeppelinBlack Dog10:07 Apr 20
FoghatChoo Choo Ch boogie10:04 Apr 20
Traffic (Live)Sad And Deep As You10:00 Apr 20
YuKonstructOpen House Tuesday Nights - CFET & The Grizz10:00 Apr 20
Brent LiddleCFET CJHJ Station ID10:00 Apr 20
The BergmansScuppernong/Honey9:55 Apr 20
The BergmansGod Help Me9:51 Apr 20
The BergmansBarbed Wire Boys9:47 Apr 20
Claire Ness02 BRUCE BERGMAN9:45 Apr 20
Claire NessYukon Music Spotlight Introduction9:45 Apr 20
Andy HallCJHJ & CFET Station ID9:45 Apr 20
Ed LishmanCFET Station_ID_with _Fokker9:44 Apr 20
Fats DominoI'm Walkin'9:42 Apr 20
Dick Dale & His DeltonesBustin' Surfboards9:40 Apr 20
Jerry Lee LewisBreathless9:37 Apr 20
Tim JarrettWorry9:35 Apr 20
The FalconsTina9:30 Apr 20
The ShadowsDean's Theme9:27 Apr 20
The Wallace BrothersDarlin' I Love You So9:25 Apr 20
Dee Brown and Lola GrantWe Belong Together9:22 Apr 20
The ShadowsI Only Want To Be With You9:20 Apr 20
Johnny BurnetteYou're Sixteen9:18 Apr 20
Blues at the JunctionCFET BATJ9:18 Apr 20
The DoorsMy Eyes Have Seen You9:15 Apr 20
TriumphAmerican Girls9:10 Apr 20
The Rolling StonesLive With Me (Live At The Roundhouse / 1971)9:06 Apr 20
The ShinsGirl Inform Me9:03 Apr 20
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaFor My Friends8:59 Apr 20
Blue Rodeo5 Will Get You Six8:55 Apr 20
The PoliceWalking On The Moon8:50 Apr 20
StyxRenegade8:45 Apr 20
FacesSweet Lady Mary8:40 Apr 20
The SheepdogsAlright OK8:35 Apr 20
Julie Driscoll Brian Auger and the TrinityTropic Of Capricorn8:30 Apr 20
SuhkiCFET station ID8:30 Apr 20
The FalconsSombrero Del Diablo8:27 Apr 20
The ShirellesDon't Say Goodnigh and Mean Goodbye8:24 Apr 20
Johnny Guitar WatsonAin t Gonna Hush8:21 Apr 20
Dr. DementoMonster Mash8:18 Apr 20
Diana Ross & The SupremesWhere Did Our Love Go8:16 Apr 20
The CoastersBrazil8:13 Apr 20
The TurtlesThe Story Of Rock & Roll8:11 Apr 20
Little RichardGood Golly Miss Molly8:09 Apr 20
The CoastersWhadaya Want?8:06 Apr 20
Starland Vocal BandAfternoon Delight8:03 Apr 20
AnneCFET station ID8:03 Apr 20
April WineShotdown7:59 Apr 20
SloanKeep On Thinkin'7:57 Apr 20
Bob SegerBlue Monday7:54 Apr 20
Gary MooreThe Prophet7:48 Apr 20
QueenModern Times Rock 'n' Roll (BBC Session / April 3rd 1974, Langham 1 Studio)7:45 Apr 20
Roxy Music BBC Radio One In Concert 72Chance Meeting7:40 Apr 20
SladeHow D'you Ride7:37 Apr 20
Steely Danwith a gun7:34 Apr 20
Frank ZappaMy Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama7:31 Apr 20
TasteRailway And Gun7:27 Apr 20
Eric BurdonHouse Of The Rising Sun 1988 Version7:22 Apr 20
AngieCFET & CJHJ Station ID7:22 Apr 20
The BeatlesLittle Child7:20 Apr 20
Jane Birkin & Serge GainsbourgL'Ananamour7:18 Apr 20
B.B. KingSweet Sixteen7:14 Apr 20
The BeatlesP.S. I Love You7:12 Apr 20
George HarrisonRun Of The Mill (Acoustic Version)7:10 Apr 20
Stevie WonderWe Can Work It Out7:06 Apr 20
The Bee GeesTo Love Somebody7:03 Apr 20
genesismore fool me7:00 Apr 20
Ed LishmanCFET Station_ID_with _Fokker7:00 Apr 20
RUSHBravado6:59 Apr 20
SugarloafLay Me Down6:52 Apr 20
ChilliwackGroundhog6:47 Apr 20
ColdplayDaylight6:42 Apr 20
Jeff LynneAt Last6:39 Apr 20
The WhoEminence Front6:33 Apr 20
Rory GallagherLost At Sea6:29 Apr 20
Bombay Bicycle ClubMagnet6:25 Apr 20
Elvis Costello & the AttractionsShabby Doll6:20 Apr 20
SuhkiCFET station ID6:20 Apr 20
Marvin GayeOne More Heartache6:17 Apr 20
Thunderclap NewmanOpen The Door Homer6:14 Apr 20
genesisharold the barrel6:11 Apr 20
Neil Youngalabama6:07 Apr 20
GenesisShe Is Beautiful (Demo 1967)6:03 Apr 20
LovagePit Stop (Take Me Home)5:59 Apr 20
J.J. CaleWoke Up This Morning5:56 Apr 20
The Isley BrothersHow Deep Is The Ocean5:54 Apr 20
Ed LishmanCFET Station_ID_with _Fokker5:53 Apr 20
Arcade FireWake Up5:48 Apr 20
WilcoShe's a Jar5:43 Apr 20
Dire StraitsHow Long5:39 Apr 20
SupertrampEven In The Quietest Moments5:33 Apr 20
SuedeBeautiful Ones5:29 Apr 20
Ben HarperAnother Lonely Day5:25 Apr 20
Split EnzWail5:22 Apr 20
SteppenwolfFasterThan The Speed Of Life5:19 Apr 20
Warren ZevonWild Thing (Previously Unissued Outtake)5:16 Apr 20
The White StripesI Can Learn5:13 Apr 20
R.E.M.At My Most Beautiful5:09 Apr 20
The Flaming LipsEgo Tripping At The Gates Of Hell5:05 Apr 20
I Mother EarthAnother Sunday5:01 Apr 20
Jolene BillwillerCFET and CJHJ Station ID5:00 Apr 20
U2Tomorrow4:56 Apr 20
Blue Öyster CultI Am The Storm4:52 Apr 20
Royal Trux(Have You Met) Horror James?4:48 Apr 20
Three Man ArmyTake A Look At The Light4:44 Apr 20
Flo & EddieI Been Born Again4:40 Apr 20
TrooperSanta Maria4:37 Apr 20
Tom Cochrane Symphony Sessionslight in the tunnel4:35 Apr 20
The Smashing Pumpkins19794:30 Apr 20
EelsYou're My Friend4:27 Apr 20
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersHung Up and Overdue4:21 Apr 20
BeckDevils Haircut4:18 Apr 20
Van MorrisonRedwood Tree4:14 Apr 20
The Jeff Healey BandShapes Of Things4:10 Apr 20
Van HalenWomen In Love.....4:06 Apr 20
SuhkiCFET station ID4:06 Apr 20
The Del-VikingsCome Go With Me4:03 Apr 20
Mickey Lee LaneHey Sa Lo Ney4:00 Apr 20
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysI Can Read Between the Lines3:58 Apr 20
Smokey Robinson And The MiraclesThe Tracks Of My Tears3:55 Apr 20
The ShadowsThe Magic Doll3:53 Apr 20
Link Wray & His Ray MenHang On3:51 Apr 20
The RonettesDo I Love You?3:48 Apr 20
The ShadowsChattanooga Choo-Choo3:45 Apr 20
The Four TopsBaby I Need Your Loving3:43 Apr 20
The CoastersI'm A Hog For You3:40 Apr 20
samcfet station ID3:40 Apr 20
The DoorsQueen Of The Highway3:38 Apr 20
TriumphJust One Night3:34 Apr 20
The Rolling StonesStray Cat Blues (Live At The Roundhouse / 1971)3:30 Apr 20
The ShinsKissing The Lipless3:27 Apr 20
Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaI'd Rather Go Blind3:19 Apr 20
Blue RodeoSide Of The Road3:13 Apr 20
The PoliceOn Any Other Day3:10 Apr 20
StyxLorelei3:06 Apr 20
FacesMiss Judy's Farm3:03 Apr 20
The SheepdogsIn My Sights3:00 Apr 20
Pete York Brian Auger Colin HodgkinsonSan Francisco Bay Blues2:57 Apr 20
Pepe ShortCFET station ID2:57 Apr 20
The ZombiesTime of the Season2:53 Apr 20
Buddy HollyPeggy Sue Got Married2:51 Apr 20
The Four TopsIt's All In The Game2:49 Apr 20
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSealed With a Kiss2:46 Apr 20
Chad Allan & The ExpressionsI've Been Away2:44 Apr 20
The Mamas & The PapasGot A Feelin'2:41 Apr 20